Welcome to Media Prima Radio Networks (MPRN)!

We are Media Prima Radio Networks (MPRN).

We are one FM, Fly FM & Hot FM.

We integrate listener, brand and objectives into innovative & creative promotional radio campaigns.

We go beyond commercials by creating customized on-air contests, programs, events, sampling activities, branded content, talent association and so much more!

Challenge us with your next campaign as we welcome any brief, big or small.

We'll make it happen for you!

Nor Atika Mohd Rosdi noratika@hotfm.com.my
Creative Marketing Exec.
If you could be in any movie, what movie will you want to be in and why?
I would love to be in The Black Swan and learn how to do ballet!
What food that describe you the most?
A box of chocolate! ;)
3 things that you are thinking right now?
Pancakes, Music & Lunch-time.
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